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Rock Island, part 1

July 15, 2011

Back in April, when Rock Island was first released, I knew immediately that I wanted to knit it. You might be surprised to hear that I’m not all that inspired by lacy shawl patterns, but there’s usually a really great modern edge to most Brooklyn Tweed patterns that stomps all over those “how will I wear this frilly thing?” thoughts.

On my trip to NYC later that same month I was in the market for laceweight, but ended up with some luscious Madeline Tosh Light Merino, which is more of a fingering weight. In fact my friends and I ALL bought skeins of this stuff. Luscious doesn’t even begin to describe it, and knitting with it is divine. I never wanted it to end.

I chose the colorway Ink, since the original version was knit with something similar. The pattern starts with this endless edging, which I remember being really boring to knit. I couldn’t imagine how 800,000 feet of edging would ever make a normal sized shawl, but it did and the rest of it was a dream to knit, since it was a lot of squishy garter stitch that got heavier and heavier, hence more and more satisfying.

I know I mentioned several posts ago that I was in the midst of a project that was staining my needles blue. Well, this was it. My bamboo needles ended up a weird shade of purply-blue the more I knit on this shawl. I really thought that when I went to block it the water would be dark blue too, but the dye only bled a little.

And then it took about a month and a half, and another trip to NYC for me to photograph it properly. That’s why this is only part 1…

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