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new dudes

August 11, 2011

Some changes have happened here this summer. First of all, my beloved Minou moved out.

She didn’t go far, only across town to live with her father. It was bound to happen someday. Minou was never officially my cat, I merely moved into her bedroom almost six years ago and took on the role of her human, providing warmth, comfort and entertainment for her, as requested. In return she became my best friend in the whole wide world. It was a pretty good deal. I feel extremely confident in saying that there will never be a better cat in the world than Minou and I think most people who met her would agree.

Minou turned everyone she met into a cat person. She sat in your lap like she belonged there. She loved wool (to a fault) and caves and being chased around. She wasn’t a smart cat, but she knew what comfort was.

It’s a little silly to be talking about her in the past tense though, as she is alive and well and living in Rosemont. I’ve even gone to visit her in her new digs, where she’s the only cat in the house and has two balconies and her father all to herself. Even though it’s sad to not have her around anymore, I know she’ll be fine.

Just a few days after getting the news that Minou would be leaving I read this blog post. After that I pretty much knew what I had to do. These boys had to come live with me. Just a week before, the only way I ever could have taken another cat in (let alone two) was if I had one less cat (not to mention an extra bedroom). When I think of the other ways that situation could have happened, I figure this one was the best possible. This way everyone is still alive and everyone still has a loving home where they’ll be taken good care of, we’ve all just been rearranged.

So last week, after lots of cleaning, some new furniture delivery, and about a month of Diva thinking she was the new queen of the apartment, the dudes moved in.

And so far, things have been… pretty much the way you’d expect when two chill dudes move in with a high maintenance lady cat.

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  1. August 13, 2011 3:48 pm

    Ha! That video freaked my chill dude cat out!

    • lainevierge permalink*
      August 15, 2011 2:27 pm

      Diva will be happy to know she’s freaking out dudes across town.

  2. louesejackson permalink
    August 18, 2011 4:45 pm

    It’s taken me a while to look at this post. I hope things are going better than that video. We showed Henry the picture of Sunday and Muswell and he stared at it and said “I want to touch them. I miss them. I want to say hello”. So, hello from us. Thank you again for taking them in. I hope it’s going better.

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