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Dream On

August 27, 2011

Last September, someone convinced me to do the Fat Quarterly Quilt Along. I rushed through the quilt top, but then got stalled for a while. However, when it got to be time to put together those baby quilts I was reminded that I had a quilt of my own to finish and it gave me the necessary push to finish this one.

Minou and Mr. NotCharles helped with pinning the sandwich.

And then I started feeling sad that Minou and I wouldn’t get very much time to cuddle with the finished quilt, so we cuddled with the sandwich. Minou really loved the quilt. It sort of makes me wish I had started quilting years ago, since it was something we could have enjoyed together.

Once the quilting was done I swiped some extras from the baby quilts for the binding (it was the perfect choice). The backing was an old sheet, which fit in with the vintage sheets look of the Dream On fabric.

Then I washed the quilt and put it on the back of the couch, where Minou could nap on it if she wished. When I came back from vacation in late June and Minou had moved out, there was lots of her fur left on the quilt, which I could not bring myself to remove.

Now that the quilt is finished, I’ve found that it’s very good for napping with, kind of like I’m still napping with Minou.

Pussycat approved.

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