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Modern Crosses, Modern Workshop

June 3, 2012

Let’s not talk about how long it’s been, let’s instead talk about what’s new. I have done a whole lot of knitting in the past seven years, and I have at least one of everything. When I made Rock Island last spring, it turned out to be the shawl to end all shawls. I don’t think I’ve worn any of my other shawls for the past year. Faced with that reality, it was time for new territory.

Quilts. I have made a few. Sometime back in November I had decided to buckle down and start working on my mother’s Xmas quilt.

The whole quilt took about a month, and I spent roughly an hour a day working on it. The pattern is from Modern Log Cabin Quilting (a book that doesn’t feature any of those pesky symmetrical triangle quilts which I detest).

I tried wool batting for the first time with this quilt. It made the whole thing super fluffy, especially since I only quilted around the blocks.

It made the whole quilt look a lot like a store bought comforter. This is a shot of the back. The front, as you can see, is a lot more colorful.

The crosses are a different size than on the original quilt due to a miscalculation, but it didn’t really change much, especially if you have no idea what the original looks like.

I used a whole layer cake (42 10 x 10 squares) of Modern Workshop and had enough fabric for all the crosses and the binding, which was patchwork from the unused strips as you can see here.

The wool batting turns out to be super warm. I’ve slept with this quilt while visiting my mom and it was actually a bit too heavy a blanket for late March.

The wool batting seems to work fine for potholders though. Here’s a preview of my next quilt in the form of a test potholder.

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