I finished and blocked Amelia before going to Ottawa this weekend just so she could get her photo taken there.

Bringing her actually turned out to be the best idea ever since the weekend was colder than we expected and I had to wear her both Sunday and Monday to keep warm!

I knit this sweater so fast (three weeks total), with none of the dilly-dallying that tends to happen with most of my sweaters. Usually I hit a point where I get a bit unsure of everything and let it rest for a while before continuing, but that was not the case here.

Part of the reason for my speed was the fear that I’d run out of yarn. Somehow, knitting faster was supposed to prevent that, and it worked like a charm. I knit this in a size large, which according to the pattern should have taken 1575 yards. I bought six skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca in this lovely discontinued colorway back at Christmas (it was 40% off and tax free!) and there was little chance I’d get more in the same dyelot. But I’m happy to say that six skeins was MORE than enough and I have nearly one whole skein leftover. I didn’t do any clever, yarn-saving tricks, other than knit the sleeves a bit shorter than suggested, which I do for nearly every pattern. So, the final word is that I knit Amelia with LESS THAN 1290 YARDS, nowhere near the recommended yardage for that size.

The first time I put this sweater on I was so happy. It’s so cozy. I’ve never made a sweater that fit this well and went so smoothly from start to finish. I love the smooshy cuffs and the neat raglan sleeves and twisted ribbing. I’m thinking this sweater will get a lot of use.


Amelia is finished, her ends are woven is and she is blocking. Already I’ve had to chase a cat off of her, and no it wasn’t the one you think. She’s covered with towels to prevent other forms of cat interference. I really have no other choice. One cat is attracted to floor coverings and the other wool, and I’d prefer to provoke the former.

I hate blocking so much, especially ribbing on sweaters. I’m praying that I didn’t stretch it out too much. Coraline blocked well, but she wasn’t covered in ribbing. Oh, the suspense.

I’m really hoping to bring Amelia to Ottawa this weekend so someone awesome can take pictures of her. Dry, sweater, dry!

what’s new

Still working on my Amelia Sweater. I finished the first sleeve a few nights ago and I now have the joy of doing exactly what I just did for the other sleeve. In case I haven’t mentioned before, the pattern calls for over 1,500 yards and I only have 1,200 or so. Ravelry info about the recommended yardage is all over the place (people have made due with much less or needed a bit more), so I’m curious to see what will happen with mine.

However, today I’m concentrating more on my snuggly blanket. I’ve been slogging along steadily on it, mostly at home when I have friends over because it’s too big to bring anywhere and too boring to knit on without doing anything else. I’m pretty close to finishing now and thinking about putting another color on the edge to compliment the natural grey. No photos until it’s all done though. There’s really not much to see now anyway, so you’re not missing anything.


Mmm. I’m coming to you from a sunny balcony. It’s good to have the sun again and to have a computer that can survive for a little while without a power cord.

I started a sweater the other day from some Berocco Ultra Alpaca after finally blocking Coraline (knit in Ultra Alpaca Light) and then falling in love with how it smoothed out all the imperfections. It’s not a grand revelation, because this is what blocking is for, but it seems like magic every time it happens.

Anyway, the new sweater. I rushed right in without fully reading the pattern and was up until 4am knitting something I knew that I would probably end up ripping out. It seems like I just couldn’t help myself.

And speaking of blocking, I just just complaining to Mr. NotCharles yesterday how I had no room to block my latest bit of lace since we had a houseguest on the spare bed and what I really needed was those interlocking foam block thingies to avoid bed blocking entirely in situations like these. However, who wants to buy foam blocks when that money can be better spent on luscious silk and wool yarn? Not me.

Well, guess what I saw out my window a few hours ago between some garbage bags? Yup, you guessed it. Four interlocking foam blocks. I almost tripped over myself running out the door to snatch them up before anyone else could. Not that there’s a huge rush for garbage blocks, but whatever. I brought them inside as fast as I could and the rest is history. Now to wash them and block somw sweet, sweet lace.