not Rhinebeck

Rhinebeck is this weekend, and this is the 4th year that I’m not able to go to, but it’s also the 4th year that I’m going to Quebec City instead. Mr. NotCharles & I like to make our yearly pilgrimage to Quebec in late October, before the snow falls and right between the summer and winter tourist seasons. It’s pretty much the only annual trip we make that doesn’t involve yarn stores, comic books or gaming shops.

Quebec is a really special city to me. I have lots of fond memories of visits I took during my french immersions, which was really the first time I got to explore a city on my own, and where I first started to truly feel bilingual.

Unfortunately, my zipper attachment plans didn’t work out. It seems I’m not patient enough to go the machine route, so I guess I’ll have to learn how to handsew if I ever want 28Thirty to be done. I’m pretty bitter about that, since I really envisioned wearing it this weekend.

Luckily, I made a bunch of cowls and a new hat to keep me warm.

I’ve also made some plans for a new sweater. I’ve been wanting to make this one for a while and I think I’ve found the perfect yarn.

Can you guess what it’s going to be?

i confess

I have unblogged and unRaveled projects. I’ve been knitting and spinning and taking not so great pictures of all of it, and sometimes no pictures at all. I’ve also been seeing lots of Fringe shows and knitting at (and sometimes during) them and drinking lots of smoothies.

Until I have something more substantial to show you (which may not be until Fringe is over), I’ll show you what I spun up in the last few days. It’s called Taffy.